hdloader on the memory card using the exploit
(all credit goes to "random345" & "blackice" @ efnet)

what you will need: an original psx game, a cd-r, a ps2 memory card, & a way to boot the cd-r (swap magic cd, gameshark2 v2. you must have originals, not copies)

alright. the first thing you need is the filepack. these are the files you will burn to your cd-r once you have modified the title.db file.
you dont need to burn the titelman.exe file to the disc.

if you head over to swapmagicfix, they will tell you how to modify your title.db file (included in the filepack). i have included titleman.exe (the file you need to modify the title.db file). they tell you to look at the disc to get the disc itself to get the disc id. i like to use notepad to open the system.cnf file. the disc id is always on the first line. you should see something like this; "BOOT = cdrom:\SCUS_942.35;1". all you need is the SCUS_942.35 part. DONT include the ;1, or anything before the letters.

so basically you would be typing this in the command prompt titleman -a SCUS_942.35  -- it will do some stuff, and then your file will be modified.

now you need to burn the files to a cd-r. burn everything in the filepack (including your modified title.db file), you dont need to burn the titleman.exe.

you can burn these files in nero, just select cd-rom/iso, make sure you're burning in MODE2/XA using isso9660..

once you have burned the files (and the "files" folder) to a cd-r you will need to boot the cd-r. this can be accomplished with the swap magic cd, gameshark2 v2, or whatever method you use to boot cd-r's. it will then install to your memory card.

now you will need to put in the psx disc and it will boot up to a screen that looks like this;

and then a few seconds later it will go to this screen;

at this screen you need to press the R1 button on your controller, it will bring up a menu

scroll down and highlight "mc0:", then press X,.

it will then bring up a couple of folders. scroll down and highlight "BADATA-SYSTEM/" & press X.

it will then bring up this screen, scroll down & highlight "HDLOADER.ELF" & press X. it will load the file and then...

and now you say "GODDAMN RANDOM345 & BLACKICE are badass motherfuckers!!!", then you use the hdloader.. :D